05 January 2021

Мы завершили развитие RDS Bar версии 6, первой общей версии расширения для всех браузеров. Это был достаточно сложный и не стабильный этап развития,...

22 January 2018

С момента появления панели инструментов RDS прошло много времени. Изначально он предполагался как Toolbar с SEO инструментами, предназначенный только...

22 January 2018

A lot of time has passed since the RDS toolbar appeared. Initially it was intended as a Toolbar with SEO tools, designed only for Mozilla Firefox....

RDS Bar — is a plug-in for fast analysis of website indicators.

RDS Bar is a handy tool for quick analysis of website and page SEO indicators, designed for webmasters and optimizers. And also with a number of useful features for ordinary users.

Site analysis is a button from the browser panel for comprehensive analysis of the site and page in one place with the grouped data for the corresponding blocks.

RDS Toolbar is a toolbar that is embedded on a page in the form of a toolbar. A handy tool for quick analysis of page indicators with multiple settings and additional functions.

Search engine integration is a group of tools that extend the functionality of a search results page and extend blocks with results, placing toolbars with parameters under them.

RDS Bar Privacy Policy

Firefox Add-ons

Version: 6.2020.111.130

File size: 1.8 MB

Build date: November 30, 2020

Users: 8 000

Chrome Web Store

Version: 6.2020.111.130

File size: 1.71 MB

Build date: November 30, 2020

Users: 72 000

Opera addons

Version: 5.2018.105.115

File size: 1.9 MB

Build date: May 15, 2018

Users: 111 208

What RDS Bar can do:
Toolbar parameters and functions:

"Age" - The minimum value by the date of registration of the domain or the first entry in web.archive.org. The data is free and taken from the RDS database. When clicking on the parameter "Age": displays the whois domain, the ability to search for sites using identical WHOIS data, the display of the number of records of the whois change history and the hosting of the site provider. (Authorization required)
"IP" - IP address of the server hosting the site.
"Host" - Host (domain name) is the name of the computer that has this ip address. According to it, it is often easy to determine the hosting company that hosts the site. (Authorization required)
"Provider" - The name of the provider (hoster) to which the given ip address belongs to which the site is located. (Authorization required)
"Geography" - Country and city of placement of the server where the site is located. (Authorization required)
"CMS site engine" - Analyzing the content of the page, determines the use of the main popular "engines" to manage the site: WP, Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3, DLE, Magento, etc.
"Page size" - The size of the page's pure html code (without images, css and javascript content loaded).
"Load Time" - The load time of the current page.
"Сount words/chars." - Counting the number of words and characters (with and without spaces) in the selected text.
"Links in/out" - Internal (unique) and external (excluding noindex, rel="nofollow", noscript, textarea, subdomains) links of this page. Also, the function of receiving a response Header, for pages with http-status which is not 200. The value is displayed in the links, a description of the error code appears on hover.
"RSS-feeds" - Availability of rss feeds on the page.
"Site Info" - Quick analysis of the main indicators of the site when you click on the info button (INFO SITE)
"Robots.txt" - The presence of a robots.txt file in the root of the site, when you hover the output date of editing.
"PL" - The nesting level of the page [1,2,3 +].
"Sitemap" - The presence of a sitemap.xml file in the root of the site, when you hover display the date of editing.
Spelling - Check spelling on this page.
"Output seo tags" - Output seo tags (title, description, keywords, h1..h6) of the current page, you can also call using hot keys ctrl + shift + f.
"Homepage" - Go to the main page of this site in a new tab.
"Source Code" - View the source code of this page in a new tab. Analogue Ctrl + U.
"Database" - The ability to view the contents of the database of the extension in a convenient format in the form of tables, directly in the browser, use filters and export.
"Settings" - Hiding unused parameters in the extension panel, setting up methods for getting values, setting up tag highlighting on a page, changing the display of data and the language version, sending a message to the support service.
"Clear cache" - clears the cache for the current page. In the extension there is caching the same requests. If in some way the values were incorrectly determined or were not determined at all, then you can restart the process if you click on the "Cache Clearing" basket.
"Services" - A list of SEO services in the form of bookmarks.

As well as a number of parameters associated with search engines Yandex, Google and Bing.

Work with search results of Yandex and Google search engines:

- Ability to display under the block the result of search results of a large number of parameters from the above section.
- Displays the full URL of the search results, if it was cut or the "bread crumbs" are inserted into the address. The ability to copy the search results of the current search page to the clipboard using the hot key ctrl + y.
- Displays the list of Recipients in the menu of the extension and highlighting the Recipients in the search results by a green fill.
- Ability to display the full paging on search results pages.
- Ability to set the maximum number of search results on search results pages, without going into the advanced search.

Highlighting and substitution of content on the site pages:

- Highlight tags noindex and rel="nofollow". Ability to set the selection style.
- Highlighting tags like noindex and rel="nofollow" depending on the values of the canonical and robots meta tags.
- Highlight external links. The ability to set the selection style and exclude sites where this check and highlighting is not required.
- Display and highlighting of code blocks hidden with "display: none"

Additional extension options:

- Authorization on recipdonor.com through the extension. It allows you to keep track of the balance in the system, quickly move to the sections of the site you need, use a number of additional paid features.
- Ability to extra configure the parameters and obtain "problem" data through the RDS API, in order to avoid periodic appearance of the captcha. Requests are sent to our service Recipdonor.com, after processing you get the final result. More information about the movement of funds on the balance and the cost of services can be viewed on the website. Receiving values can take from 2 to 15 seconds.
- Conclusion of brief news from Recipdonor, Yandex, Webmasters.ru, SearchEngines.ru, Webmoney.ru
- Ability to view information about cookies, as well as delete domain cookies and session in the extension menu.
- UserAgent substitution function: Yandex, Googlebot, Msn bot, Yahoo! Slurp, Internet Explorer.
- Function output and disable advertising.
- The ability to disable and position the toolbar embedded on the page.
- Ability to work extensions in the mode "On the button", that is, to send requests for the definition of parameters for the current page on demand, and not always, as for the case of work in standard mode, as walking on the tabs.
- Display of cached values by extension, in order to avoid repeated requests. The ability to specify in the setting an oblique font for such values. The ability to view the contents of the database of the extension in a convenient format directly in the browser, use filters and export.
- Switch interface language on the fly. We support Russian and English.

About Browser Extension

The extension is free for everyone. The code is open.

To obtain parameter values in the background, requests are sent to the correspondent sources of that data.

The use of this Software product implies your acceptance of the terms of use of the correspondent sources, requests for which you carry out using this software.

Attention! If you violate these rules, sanctions from correspondent sources may be in the form of captcha or temporary access restrictions.

Support and cooperation

It is possible to improve the current extension for your tasks: the improvement of functionality and the addition of parameters that are most important to you.
We offer a cooperation to companies and projects that work on the market of search optimization. And we hope to be useful for each other.

Send your questions and suggestions to support@recipdonor.com

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